Rich Schefren Business Online And List Building Strategies

Rich Schefren business online and list building strategies will help you massively increase your profits. He is known as the “Guru’s guru.”. This is because most Internet marketing gurus come to him for advice any time they hit a roadblock.

The following are some of the most important Rich Schefren business online and list building strategies:

#1: Know your why.
There’s no point in learning any list building or business online strategies unless you are going to use them for something. It’s important to know why you wake up early in the morning and why you work long hours at night.

#2: Focus on your strengths.
Many people want to repair their weaknesses. This is a recipe for disaster. Your strengths uncover what’s unique about yourself. People will respond to your individuality. Nurture them.

#3: Know what’s all about. Study the best.
Many of the strategies taught by Rich Schefren will teach you new and revolutionary approaches to learning. His advanced learning strategies will skyrocket the way you run your business online.

#4: Don’t waste time with low paid activities.
Let others do the grunt work.

#5: Outsource instead of out-task.
Most business people focus too much on giving their tasks to someone else. You need to think strategically. Outsource entire critical but repetitive tasks for years to come.

#6: List building is the backbone of your business online efforts.
List building is the hidden weapon of the gurus. This is how they make their money. They talk with each other and they promote products from other gurus on their email list. That would be impossible without their amazing list building skills.

#7: Find a niche and dominate it.
Most gurus out there focus on just finding a niche. Finding a niche is a great first step. But it’s not enough. You need to find a niche and to position yourself as the clear and most obvious choice in the mind of your customers. Rich Schefren will show you exactly how to do this.

#8: Consider your competitors in your business online strategy and planning.
Left unchecked, your competitors will eat you alive. They will copy everything you do successfully. As a result, they will gain the market share that deserves to be yours.

#9: Business model innovation.
The landscape changes. Your business has to adapt. You don’t do it just by throwing more time and resources at it. You reinvent your business from its core.

#10: Keep track of your numbers.
Rich Schefren calls them “business metrics”. They are the key numbers of your business like: the lifetime value of your customer, the conversion rates, the daily revenue value, the profit share etc.

Some businesses do too much and other businesses too little. You need to find a balance. The balance comes from keeping track of a few key business metrics. They will give you the highest amount of information by using the lowest amount of resources.

#11: Rich Schefren says: “Put everything on autopilot.”
The main purpose of your business should be to generate more freedom and options for yourself. It can not do this if you spend all your time doing stuff.

#12: Have something to aim for at the end of the day.
Many people waste time with frivolous activities because they don’t have a life. They do not have something real to do after they finish their work. You should do some activities that you find valuable at the end of the day. Going to a club or spending more time with your loved ones are great choices as long as they are valuable to you.

#13: Gain momentum.
You can not really hope for a business online success unless you progress gradually and constantly. No list building or business online strategy will work unless you apply it each day. Don’t do this and you will live through an endless circle of frustration.

The above list building and business online strategies by Rich Schefren will help you generate higher profits faster than in the past. Make sure you apply them. They will not work by themselves. You need to actually use them.

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